Mailing in your items is a very easy process...just read through the info below,  then send it in for processing!  

Here at CGC, we test and price all of your items in its current form, we don't melt it down. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with our offer, no worries, you can request your items back at our expense. You will receive your items back in the same form in which you sent them, however, we may have to make small file mark/s in some pieces for testing purposes, but your items won’t be melted down rendering them completely unidentifiable if you request them back.

If you’re mailing in dental scrap for testing and payment, we do clean all pieces down to bare metal for accurate weighing and testing, but it won’t be melted. Again, if for any reason you aren’t happy with our offer, you can request your material back at our expense, and it will at least be verifiable as dental scrap, and not just a melted blob of useless metal. Yes, we do accept all PFM material, as well as anything else you may have, basically, when in doubt, just send it in…that includes jewelry too!

We have ZERO fees or charges, no refining or testing costs, labor expenses, etc… just straight-up pricing and payment for your material.


    1. Cashiers Check – Just provide the name and address you would like it sent to.

    2. PayPal

  1. We just need the email address you use for your PayPal account.

  2. 2.9%  PayPal Fees do apply.  You will see a 2.9% fee by PayPal, deducted from my payment to you.

  3. PayPal isn't always available as an option, so if you're concerned, please contact me prior to mailing in your items. 


We do not remove and return gemstones... please remove any stones you would like to keep... fingernail clippers work well for many stones.

We accept shipments from all carriers.

Package your items well, don’t rely on self-adhesive packaging; tape it as well for extra insurance.

Insure your package for a value you would be happy with in the event it’s lost in the mail.

Ship your package with "signature required".

All packages are received in our indoor facility, so there is no chance your package will be left outside for potential theft.

Please send us a message to let us know what you are sending, and when to expect it if you know. This helps us get you taken care of as fast as possible! 

 Send Message To:

Please allow 3 to 5 business days once received for processing & pricing.

For security purposes, please do no write, “California Gold Connection” on your shipping label, just use the abbreviation; CGC, we don’t want to advertise the contents of the package.

Please include your contact info in your package, as well as your preferred method of contact for your settlement offer.


WARNING! For those of you sending in small quantities, you must send in a padded envelope at minimum, and pay for parcel post, which is hand sorted. All items shipped in standard envelopes, with standard postage, are required to pass through a 1/4″ slot due to the automated processing machines used by USPS. If you ship in a standard envelope, you run the risk of the machine tearing your item/s right through the envelope, resulting in you loosing your item/s, completely. Please do NOT ship in a standard envelope, California Gold Connection is not responsible for lost or damaged items shipped in this manner. Please see lost item example picture below.




CLOVIS, CA 93611

Thank you for selecting California Gold Connection as your scrap gold/silver buyer.

If you have any questions, please give us a call.

California Gold Connection ~ 800-939-5075